Orquesta Atípica Tangorra, the leading orchestra on the Electronic Tango and New Tango scene, blends traditional with modern tango and combines different musical resources, thus creating their unique style. After nine years since beginning their career, two studio albums and a third one on the way, hundreds of live concerts and one international tour... the Orchestra created an iconic identity in the world of Tango.


Led by Mikele Borra in bandoneon, Laura Vigoya Arango in vocals, Cecilia Giles in violin, Fran Borra in bass guitar and samples, Agustín López in electric guitar and Christian Perigo in piano, the orchestra is getting ready for a new tour in October and November 2019 closing both Toulouse (France) and Bremen (Germany) Neotango festivals. They will also play in England, Netherlands and Switzerland, among other tour`s highlight.


In 2019 they presented their new performance at the Boedo Festival, La Neolonga de Buenos Aires, the Caff theatre, the NeoTango en Calor marathon, and at every important festival, milonga and concert hall in Argentina.


2018 was marked by the Europolis Tour '18 in which throughout April and June the orchestra did over 25 gigs visiting more than 15 cities along England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Tangopolis '18 toured through most of the Argentine tango scene, including their outstanding performance of June 30th at the 151st anniversary of Benito Juarez Municipality, the Tango Festival in La Boca neighbourhood, the FACAFF festival, the National Tango Fusion Meeting, La noche de los Museos, fully booked concerts in La Plata, Rosario, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, among other cities.


Always inspired by the story of our grandpa Don Carlos Borra, il nonno, an immigrant musician who feverishly played his piano and accordion at a silent film cinema in a small town in Santa Fe, Argentina; Tangorra occurs between stories of luthiers, taverns and exotic journeys...