After working hard all through 2016, it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to our latest album, Tangopolis. These ten songs are an invitation to roam the streetscapes and history of Buenos Aires for a very different tango experience.


 The album was recorded and mixed at Casa Frida by Mariano Cuello and Fran Gorra.


As well as Paula Maciel (vocals), Mikele Borra (bandoneon), Fran Borra (bass and production), and Pato Nieto (drums), some other outstanding musicians were involved in the record. It was an honor and a pleasure to play with Mr. Franco Luciano, who gave us the beautiful gift of his harmonica on two songs.


Alan Puyol recorded the piano parts and helped with the orchestral arrangements. The fresh synth basslines are the work of Ricard Schnidrig, while some of the extra guitar action comes courtesy of Joaquín Apesteguía. Like our first album, this one was mastered by Gus Fourcade, who understood what we were trying to say and really turned up the volume on it.



We were inspired by our grandfather, who was the first immigrant musician to play the piano and accordion live at silent movie screenings in a small town in the Argentinian province of Santa Fe, where the music of his Italian roots merged with the new sounds that were coming out of the slums and tenements of Buenos Aires. We took up his story in 2010, when we started exploring the traditional sounds of the Río de la Plata but using new rhythms and melodies.


There are nine songs on our first album, which was recorded and mixed at our studio and mastered by our friend Gustavo Fourcade. Our take on tango is all about the heat and pace of the city and urban sounds. This shaped our first album, Ecos del Sur, which we released independently in 2013. We relished the experience, which was essentially one of discovery and the desire to create an identity and look at the tango in a new light.


 We presented Ecos del Sur at most of the milongas (traditional dancehalls) in Buenos Aires, including La Catedral, Oliverio Girondo, Zona Tango, Domilonga, and La Milonga de la Plaza Dorrego. We also performed at major local events like the 2015 Museum Night at the Plaza del Vaticano in Buenos Aires. After playing at TEDxUCES 2014, our song “Palo Santo” was selected for the 2015 TEDx Music Project, which brings together the best live music from TEDx events the world over.


From our base in Buenos Aires, we’ve taken our shows to La Plata, Santa Fe, Rosario, and Paraná.